The Lathums
26th September 2022

Time: 19:00 - 23:00

Price: £19.50 + BF

SJM Concerts Presents
The Lathums
CVC, The Dream Machine

14+ (under 16s must be accompanied by an adult)

By selling out their debut 2020 UK tour in a day and upgrading venues in most major British cities, The Lathums are challenging the time-worn theory that a band doesn’t just emerge fully formed. For many, they’re already as good as it gets.

With a singer-songwriter catalyst, Alex Moore, who, having rarely been to any gigs before playing his own, believes simply in ‘making positive changes’, Britain’s best new guitar band challenge assumptions Moore writes about his digitised generation (Artificial Screen) and reflects on young Britain turning its back on materialism and vacuity (The Great Escape).

Until now, he says he’s ‘kept himself to himself’, but that’s all changing as The Lathums’ blown secret is whispered carelessly from music fan to music fan throughout the UK.

His band mates – Scott Concepcion, the Rickenbacker-toting guitarist, Johnny Cunliffe, the steadfast effacing bassist and Ryan Durrans, commanding a palette of age-belying styles on drums – stand steadfastly behind Moore’s straight-as-a-die worldview.

The band is swelled with self-assured positivity, yet their agreed, collective ‘versus arrogance’ stance isolates them in a lane of humble, soulful, lyric-led alternative guitar pop that sets confident compassion above needless swagger.

While their music beats away lazy ideas that four boys from Wigan, North West England, with guitars, drums and bass could only be a formula for a terrace sing-a-long and closing time anthems, they cite the melodic worlds and street hymns of The Smiths, The Beatles, Stone Roses and The Ramones as influences.

The Lathums’ daydreams that an audience would one day identify with their movement to make positive changes started on cold building sites and nights behind deadbeat bars, meaning life’s unromantic realities are poetically penned into their songs.

Their first gig was a hen-do (in the Lathom area of Ormskirk – the rest is history.) and just 18 months later, following a huge social media response and radio support from BBC 6 Music and XS Manchester, The Lathums headline their first UK tour and join Blossoms and Gerry Cinnamon on a raft of UK arena tour dates in 2020. If their modest charm has got them this far, how will they get to the next stage? Only The Lathums have the answer to that question: making positive changes.