Sea Girls – SOLD OUT
18th March 2024

Time: 19:00 - 23:00

Price: £23.50 + BF

Kilimanjaro presents
+ Oliver Keane

14+ (under 16s must be accompanied by an adult)

Since they roared onto the scene, Sea Girls have cemented themselves as one of British indie’s most consistent and successful groups. The London-based band found immediate acclaim with their early material: early singles ‘Call Me Out’ and ‘All I Want To Hear You Say’ became a hit with fans, and the band boast a combined 217.5 million streams on streaming services.

Their ensuing two records, 2020’s ‘Open Up Your Head’ and 2022’s ‘Homesick’ both stormed the UK album charts and landed in the Top Three. Along the way they’ve played huge sets at Glastonbury Festival, Reading & Leeds, supported Arctic Monkeys, Foals and Louis Tomlinson, and landed a coveted spot on the iconic FIFA video game soundtrack.

Now, they’re returning with their most powerful and immediate record yet (set for a 2024 release), a collection of songs about embracing the here and now like never before. After honing their craft after years on the road, the four-piece – made-up of Henry Camamile (vocals,
guitar), Rory Young (guitar), Andrew Dawson (bass) and Oli Khan (drums) – are creatively rejuvenated.

The hallmarks of Sea Girls’ sound remains, but super-charged: lead single ‘Weekend and Workdays’, first released in September 2023, packs one of their strongest choruses to date. It’s a state-of-a-generation look at the vices and thrills that young people across the world navigate
today. “There’s all different kinds of fucked up fun / Some use a pen, some use a gun / But keep your head up”, he warns in the opening lines.

During the making of the first record, Camamile suffered a traumatic head injury and though he was still able to pen top-rate tunes, he spiralled into substance abuse. The thrill of making a first record, and a grand introduction, was clouded by difficulties. But with a period of sobriety and a supportive network of bandmates, friends and family, Camamile’s worldview became more accepting of who he was and wiser of how to manage that. It’s led to brighter, more joyful new material.

“There was a huge freedom in making this new record,” Camamile says. “I feel the best I’ve ever felt – it’s how I should have felt when I was writing our debut album. I’m embracing the moment and it’s exciting”. Speaking of the writing process, he says: “I had a wider view of things and a bigger perspective. I realised, ‘I should really be enjoying this and making really exciting music with just a lot of truth within it’”. Now the band are looking forward to a bright new future. Their new label venture Alt. Records allows them complete creative freedom. “We’re calling the shots at every turn,” Camamile says, “The record feels massive, it feels and sounds like we’ve got a fire in us.”