27th February 2024

Time: 19:00 - 23:00

Price: £27.50 + BF

Live Nation Presents
+ Maya Delilah

14+ (under 16s must be accompanied by an adult)

“I get the feeling that lately, you’ve been looking for something to inspire you, something to lift you up and get out of that funk? Well, it’s your lucky day because I have just the ticket…”

One rainy day, stuck in a rut of the lonely slog of their solo projects and individual branded identities, dodie, Orla Gartland, Martin Luke Brown and Greta Isaac called out for answers. Begging to know the secret to balancing fun with work, wondering how to hold onto the childish joy in music when it becomes your job, they sighed in unison and asked – “what is the secret to life?”

Suddenly sucked up and out by a tractor beam, transported to a magical land of greener grass and bluer sky, ruled by a mythical bearded wizard called Pete Miles; they landed in Fizzville where there is only one rule – have fun, don’t take it too seriously.

In need of a holiday from the music industry but still deeply in love with music; this has been Wizard Pete’s plan all along. Born out of blissful days spent at Middle Farm Studio as the friends helped out on each other’s projects, their natural chemistry as best friends of nearly a decade was electric. The Wizard wanted more, to bring them back to the root of it all, capture what it sounds like. He wanted them to have some fun.

And they did. From a big dipper rollercoaster reminiscent of a day spent in Brighton to Rocket League races where they find true happiness; the four friends are teenagers again. Unrestrained by expectations, deadlines or pressure, egging each other on to bigger, bolder sounds, no idea here is too silly as the wizard in the sky hits the big red record button and the band just play. Turning tragedies into comedies in the way only friends can, bringing everything to the table without feeling exposed or exploited; they’re writing soundtracks for their inner child.

Remember them? The kid that loved music, wanted to share everything without even a hint of doubt or any knowledge of the admin? Remember the joy before the industry could weather you? Before a stranger’s opinion could bring you down? Well in Fizzville they’re right there in the crowd, dancing to their new favourite song.

In an adventure of mighty questions, silly fun and storm-beating chaos – this is a story of the power of friendship.

Encouraging each other to sing whatever comes to mind and sing it louder than ever; the band puts every solo project to one side to focus instead on the people they are under it, their secret longings and things they’ve always wanted to try. Resulting in a sound bigger and bolder than the sum of their parts and reaching dizzying theatrical heights with marching band finales and exhilarating breakdowns; it sounds like their friendship. Named after the feeling in their tummy when they play together, with all the excitement and the adrenaline – they’re called FIZZ. It suits them.