Boston Manor
24th September 2024

Time: 19:00 - 23:00

Price: £20 + BF

Crosstown Concerts Presents
Boston Manor
+ Trophy Eyes

14+ (under 16s must be accompanied by an adult)

BOSTON MANOR are sharing new single ‘Sliding Doors’, their second new song of 2024 and one that rides waves of spiking distortion and cuts rich grooves as it goes. ‘Sliding Doors’ portrays the sometimes seismic impact that the seemingly innocuous actions in our day to day lives can have. It’s a song that in many ways leads right back to the start of Boston Manor.

In a world full or disorder and chaos, all we can do sometimes is respond to what’s laid out in front of us. The results may be unpredictable, glorious or devastating, but as possibility and opportunity present themselves one moment, hide themselves the next, it’s how we react at those junctures that leads us on our ultimate pathway.

‘Sliding Doors’ is a way for the band to recognise that as we go through life and make more choices, some versions of ourselves die away, and new versions emerge. Who we become may all be down to the roll of a dice. This is explored in the accompanying video.