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Ministry’s Al Joursengen, the acclaimed pioneer of industrial music, doesn’t muck around, doesn't sugar-coat or pull punches. He’s highly opinionated, exceptionally well read & articulate on subjects ranging from politics to alien conspiracies to American history to his beloved Chicago Blackhawks/Bulls/White Sox/Bears. He is an avid follower of NASA scientist David S. McKay, ancient civilizations scholar Zecharia Sitchin, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, & Scottish writer/archaeologist/scientist Graham Hancock. During a layover at the Vegas airport this past summer, Al spotted U.S. Congressman Adam Schiff, introduced himself, & took full advantage of the encounter to let the Congressman know of his views on tax reform & the possible perils of redistribution of wealth, the current obstruction of the “Russia-gate” investigation by the House Intelligence Committee lead by Republican Chair Devin Nunes, & to inquire about the status of the possible impeachment of the President, on not only obstruction & collusion charges, but for treason.

Jourgensen is angry, really angry about what’s going on in America - sexual abuse & the disrespect of women in our society, the waning respect for the U.S. Constitution, the growing acceptance of one's opinions replacing facts, the decline of the our leaders’ sense of morals, ethics & personal responsibility to the country & to their constituents, & the mad man in the White House...which takes us straight to Ministry’s new album AmeriKKKant.