Vintage Trouble

Vintage Trouble
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Bristol Beacon presents

Vintage Trouble
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14+ (under 16s with an adult)

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Vintage Trouble is a sensational, soulful four-man band whose very essence pays homage to the late 1950's to 1960's, yet exudes a fresh energy all its own. Turned on by and tuned into the evolutionary period in music and life when there was a razor thin line between Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll, the band reconnects us all to one universal vibration. Their modern-day classics transport the mind, spirit and body back to a sweaty, swinging, heart-thumping speakeasy. Their live shows feel like a sweet, southern down-home revival mixed with a gritty, downtown edge. Inspirationally, Otis Redding, Chuck Berry and Ike and Tina Turner can all be felt, paired with a modern-day urgency, originality, and flair.

Members: Ty Taylor, Nalle Colt, Rick Barrio Dill and Richard Danielson