The Ten Pound Suit Band

The Ten Pound Suit Band

The MJR Group presents
The Ten Pound Suit Band
+ special guests

14+ (under 16s must be accompanied by an adult)

"I was pretty strung out on some local moonshine that tasted a little like marzipan and shoe polish, I’d spent my last two bucks on a comb and I’d lost my horse in a card game to a pair of one eyed jacks. I’d found myself on a riverboat heading up the Mississippi so the Pinkerton I’d lost in Mayersville didn’t see his way to finding me again when I was woken from my shallow slumber with a sharp kick in the ribs.

Before I knew it the boat guard had sobered me up stuck me in a cheap suit and dragged me to the ‘Poop deck’ (which to my relief turned out to be a part of the boat and not what I’d first imagined) Turns out the captain had had a suspicious winning streak at black jack longer than the stickman’s bass and now nobody would play him.

They gave me 60 bucks credit which I’d have to work off as a table dancer if I lost and dealt my hand.

Two hours in I was so far in debt that I was beginning to think even shaking my finely toned booty would leave me in the red when I felt an Itching in my right sleeve. Tucked inside that cheap machine washable material, sewed into the lining was a small paper envelope containing what felt like playing cards and written on it in a flowery hand were the words ‘for a tight spot’.

Four Aces and a short scuffle later I found myself walking from the river boat a rich man; 'anything else?' asked the prison guard as I swung the captain's banjo onto my back.

“How much for the suit” I asked with a smile.

I think we all know what the answer was." - Matthew Grinter