Freya Ridings

Freya Ridings
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DHP presents
Freya Ridings

14+ (Under 16s with an adult)

Freya Ridings' been riding the wave of success since her initial drop, single Blackout, earlier this year. The track soon propelled to over one million streams on Spotify and caught the attention of fans and industry instigators alike, resulting in a sell-out London headline.

Don't miss her haunting hooks and simple yet surreal compositions with heavy piano feature live.

Freya Ridings - Lost Without You (Live At Hackney Round Chapel)

This has been the most unbelievable week, I have no words 😱😻💘
'Lost Without You' has been on Love Island and on BBC Radio 1 and it's all gone crazy! This is about acting stronger than you actually are and not knowing until too late 🌺 [Freya x]