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High On Fire / Enslaved
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High On Fire / Enslaved

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High on Fire was founded in 1998 by Sleep guitarist Matt Pike, drummer Des Kensel, and bassist George Rice (from Dear Deceased, who originally auditioned to be the band's vocalist). The band's first full-length album The Art of Self Defense was released on 12th Records, and released later on Man's Ruin Records. (The album would later be re-released by Tee Pee Records, with two bonus tracks, as Man's Ruin Records had become defunct.)

In 2001, High on Fire signed a record deal with Relapse Records and recorded the album Surrounded by Thieves. The album was released on May 28, 2002. After the tours promoting Surrounded by Thieves, bassist George Rice left the band and was replaced by ex-Melvins/Thrones bassist Joe Preston.

The band's next album, 2005's Blessed Black Wings, was largely written by Pike and Kensel before the recording of the album took place. The album was produced by Steve Albini, and was released on February 1, 2005. A music video was produced for the song "Devilution." While touring with Goatwhore and Watch Them Die to promote Blessed Black Wings, Joe Preston left the band for undisclosed reasons, and was temporarily replaced by Zeke bassist Jeff Matz. Matz finished the tour with High on Fire and became a full-time member during the recording of Death Is This Communion. Death Is This Communion was released on September 18, 2007 (September 10, in Europe).

After Death is This Communion was released, High on Fire played a small string of Northwest shows to promote it. The band did a headline tour of North America in September and October 2007, with support from the Japanese post-rock band Mono, along with Panthers and Coliseum. High on Fire also played on 2008's Gigantour, which was followed by a North American tour with the bands Opeth, Baroness, and Nachtmystium.

On December 17, 2008, High on Fire signed a recording deal with Koch Records. On August 1, 2009, it was announced that a new album would be recorded with producer Greg Fidelman. Later that month, following the news of the new album, High on Fire announced a tour with Mastodon, Dethklok, and Converge. The tour spanned from October 2 to November 21.

In August 2009, the band went into post-production of the follow-up to Death Is This Communion at The Pass Studios in Los Angeles. The album artwork for the new album was released on January 7, 2010. On January 15, following the release of the album artwork, the song Frost Hammer was posted on the band's Myspace page, and a video for the song was released on March 16, 2010. High on Fire's fifth album Snakes for the Divine was formally released on February 23, 2010.

In March 2010, the band announced a headlining U.S. tour to promote the album; supporting bands for the tour include Priestess, Black Cobra, and Bison B.C.. On April 6, 2010, the band announced they would be opening for Metallica for eight European shows.

In 2010, the band was confirmed as being part of the soundtrack for Namco Bandai Games' 2010 remake of Splatterhouse. On April 3, 2012, High on Fire released their sixth studio album, De Vermis Mysteriis. Metalsucks.net reviews editor Sammy O'Hagar argued that the band has "rebounded in epic fashion" since their last album, and that "Even for a band as esteemed as High on Fire, [De Vermis Mysteriis] is a career high point."

High on Fire's album Luminiferous became available in full for free streaming as a preview with NPR music on June 7, 2015, with the official release of the album nine days later on June 16. Luminiferous is the second High on Fire album in a row produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou. NPR reviewer Adrien Begrand credits Kurt Ballou with "helping rejuvenate the band's sound" on their previous album, and praises the album as evidence of High on Fire's consistency, fueled by the "right combination of adherence to formula and subtle experimentation." Dan Epstein, writing for Rolling Stone, concurs that "one could definitely make the case that is High on Fire's finest album yet."


Extreme black metal act, Enslaved, blend viking and norse mythology with their pummeling riffs and guttural shrieks that has seen them establish a successful career outside of their native Norway.

Formed in 1991, the band was begun by Ivar Bjørnson (guitars/keyboards) and Grutle Kjellson (bass), whilst still in their teens at 13 years and 17 years respectively. Taking their name from an Immortal track, the band have had an ever-changing lineup throughout their career, before settling with Arve “Ice Dale” Isdal (guitars), Cato Bekkevold (drums) and Herbrand Larsen (keyboards/vocals) by 2004. Whilst following in the same ilk of other black metal acts, the band have always pushed boundaries of the genre, offering ten minute long prog-inflected sagas and multi-part epics, prompting them to favor the distinction as an extreme metal band.

Following their early demo, “Yggdrasil,” in 1992, Enslaved had recorded their debut album, “Frost,” in 1994, which quickly established their presence on the black metal scene. By 1997, with “Eld,” the band had begun to widen their sound, displaying a more progressive element to their music which set them apart from other black metal acts. Their following releases were unrelenting in their aggression and dark tone, with 1998’s “Blodhemn,” 2000’s “Mardraum” and “Monumension” in 2001 all pushing the envelope of their extreme sound, forever offering experimentation and innovation within the genre.

In 2003, Enslaved released their milestone effort, “Below the Lights,” which was a heady brew of black metal, prog and dark psychedelia, coming to the forefront of the scene with this challenging release. “Isa” in 2004 again established them as one of the most important acts on the scene at the time, continuing to lay waste to audiences with their bludgeoning live shows.

Critical acclaim followed them throughout the decade, with the release of “Ruun” in 2006. With 2008’s “Vertebrae,” they were joined by Evil Joe Baresi, who had previously produced albums from Tool and Queens of the Stone Age. Another strong album release, Enslaved continued to enjoy popularity as the top band in extreme metal. The album garnered accolades as being the ‘album of the year,’ prompting tours across North America supporting Opeth. “Axiom Ethica Odini” followed in 2010, still finding legions of fans of their uncompromising music. Signing to Nuclear Blast, their 12th record, “RIITIIR,” was released in 2012, followed by extensive touring. Rumours of a new album for 2015 soon surfaced, titled “In Times,” with Enslaved still carrying the torch for extreme metal.