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Bury Tomorrow have primarily been described as a melodic metalcore band but have also being classified as post-hardcore. AllMusic writer Gregory Heaney wrote: "Offsetting layers of pleasant, atmospheric melody with sudden bursts of chugging heaviness, the band uses its breakdowns to create a brooding, moody effect, as if the songs are lurching into a fit when provoked from their somber ruminations. "Vocalist Daniel Winter-Bates has stated that he likes the ability of his band to go "heavier" and "lighter" with ease. This is reinforced through vocal styles, in a manner typical of many metalcore bands; whereas Winter-Bates performs a harsh mix of screaming and growling, guitarist Jason Cameron contrasts this with melodic singing, usually in the chorus of a song.

The band has referred to older metalcore bands as their primary source of influence, with Metal Hammer journalist Merlin Alderslade commenting on their style by saying "the quintet's blend of fierce, melodic death metal-inspired riffage [sic] and gloriously anthematic choruses was seen as of the crowning achievements of a new generation of metal bands that had been weaned on a diet of The End of Heartache, Waking the Fallen and Reroute To Remain". Prior to the release of their third album, Runes, Bury Tomorrow have said that it is going to be more technical, "old school" and in line with artists like As I Lay Dying and Killswitch Engage than their previous releases.