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A number of music critics have stated that it as difficult to categorize CKY into a specific musical genre. The band is listed by music website AllMusic in the post-grunge, hard rock, stoner metal and skate punk genre. Due to the band's association with professional skateboarding (owed mainly to its link with Bam Margera), its music has been dubbed as skate punk,but it is suggested by AllMusic's Greg Prato that this label was extinguished upon the release of Infiltrate – Destroy -Rebuild, which features a "heavy alt-metal sound". The group's sound has been described as stoner metal by Rolling Stone's Jenny Eliscu. Writers at both and the Ultimate Guitar Archive have described CKY as "genre-defying",while PopMatters reviewer Nikki Tranter described the sound on Infiltrate-Destroy-Rebuild as "impossible to label".

CKY's songs have featured references to a number of different lyrical themes. On Infiltrate-Destroy-Rebuild, it is proposed by Tranter that a number of tracks are written about "the decaying state of humanity" and "the need for some kind of freedom", with the writer describing the lyrics as "relentlessly dark, yet beautifully written, observant and real". On An Answer Can Be Found, there are multiple songs said to be renouncing the idea of suicide. The band has also written songs as part of ongoing storylines on a number of occasions – "96 Quite Bitter Beings", "Escape from Hellview" and "Hellions on Parade" (as well as an early demo called "Thanks for the Ride") make up a series of songs about a fictional town called Hellview, the residents of which "doesn't take kindly to outsiders", and the songs on Carver City tell a story of a town named after a fisherman, who killed his crew and later returns to "curse the city".